Why You Should Own Multiple Pairs of Glasses

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Why You Should Own Multiple Pairs of Glasses | First Eye Care McKinney

Often times when someone visits their eye doctor for an eye exam or a glasses exam, they usually end up choosing a new pair of eyeglasses to wear. For some, this is just a simple decision, choosing a look and style they always get. They also usually just leave with one pair of glasses. There is no harm in getting a pair of glasses that have your prescription and does their job, but it can end up being problematic for you in the long run. That is why owning multiple glasses comes in handy more often than not.

Perks of Owning Multiple Glasses

Most people who wear glasses wear them because they have to in order to improve their vision. Regular eye and glasses exams are scheduled yearly to make sure that their prescription is up to date. However, on one of your upcoming appointments, you should consider adding an extra pair of glasses to your order. Here are a few reasons why owning multiple glasses is beneficial:

  • Fashion: Yes, you need your glasses to see, but does that mean you can’t have fun with your look? Getting a pair of glasses that has an everyday look is important for work and an overall professional feel, but sometimes it’s important to give yourself options. When getting ready in the morning, you choose what shirt or shoes go best with a certain outfit so why shouldn’t you do that with your glasses?
  • Function: Your eyes don’t always cooperate with your way of life. You may be a more active person than your typical eyeglass wearer. This makes glasses care more difficult if you are always on the go and being active. It doesn’t make logical sense to wear your designer glasses while working out, playing basketball, hiking or other physical activities. It would behoove you to get a set of cheaper glasses or even prescription goggles to function better with your lifestyle.
  • Backup: Your glasses are an important part of your life, so you always make sure to keep up with them no matter where you are. However, accidents do happen, and your glasses may end up getting lost or broken. You can make sure that you don’t have to walk around hindered by poor vision if you own multiple glasses in case something was to happen to your original pair.
  • Sun Protection: It seems pretty standard to own sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays, but not everyone owns a proper pair of sunglasses. On your next trip to your eye doctor, consider getting yourself a pair of prescription eyeglasses with UV protection.
  • Visual Needs: As you get older, your vision begins to wane. During this period, you may notice that your vision has different visual needs when it comes to far distance, intermediate distance, and near distance. Progressive lens (no-line bifocal) are often prescribed with the hopes of assisting those with multiple vision needs, but these glasses have limitations. Many patients would benefit greatly from owning multiple glasses for different occasions of seeing.

Every patient has different needs and different lifestyles. Owning just one pair of glasses may help with your vision in general, but they don’t always function well for everyday life or give you the option of different looks. Owning multiple glasses has a plethora of benefits so on your next visit to your eye doctor, consider the perks of getting another pair.

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