Tips to Find Your Glasses

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Tips to Find Your Glasses | First Eye Care McKinney

For those who struggle with their vision, owning a pair of prescription glasses goes a long way in improving your quality of life. Being able to see without struggling or squinting, enjoying the world around you, can immediately boost your mood. However, sometimes owning glasses can be frustrating. Glasses can break, your prescription might change, forcing you to go get another glasses exam, and worst of all, you might lose your glasses. Losing your glasses can be incredibly frustrating since there is no one really to blame. You can be washing your face, putting on make-up, laying down to sleep, or any number of things and next thing you know your glasses are nowhere to be found.

While we all wish to avoid having that classic Velma “Where are my glasses?” moment, it does happen more often than not. However, just because you may have lost them doesn’t mean they can’t be found. There are a few tips and tricks to ensure that you don’t lose your glasses next time!

  • Get a Case: While this may seem obvious, getting a case for your glasses is a great start to making sure you no longer lose them. Getting into the habit of putting glasses inside a case keeps your glass from tumbling around whenever they are loose while also giving you a bigger, more obvious object to find. They also protect your glasses from any unnecessary scratches or breaks they might endure otherwise.
  • Use a Lanyard: If your lifestyle has you always moving, being incredibly active, consider attaching a lanyard to your glasses. For some, the act of taking glasses off then putting them back on again to read or look far away may seem second nature. Keeping your glasses hanging on a lanyard ensures that your glasses never leave your body while giving you easy access to them.
  • Keep A Backup Pair: Keeping a spare for just about anything comes in handy all the time. All cars come with a spare tire. It would even be useful to have a spare key to said car. Even having a spare house key should be important so if your glasses are so important to you, shouldn’t you also have a spare set of glasses? Sometimes you lose your glasses and may never find them so keeping a backup would help. They don’t have to be the most stylish pair, but they just need to get the job done and that job is making you see correctly. First Eye Care McKinney can always get you set up with a spare pair.
  • GPS Track Them: In today’s world, it seems as if there is an app for just about everything, and sure enough there happens to be one to help you find your glasses. The LOOK app helps you track your glasses by attaching a little strip to the inside of your frames that allows the app to track them if they ever get lost.

Yes, losing your glasses is both annoying and frustrating, but there are always ways to make finding your glasses much easier. Planning ahead and making sure you take your eye and glasses care seriously plays a large role in ensuring you never have to stumble around the house for your glasses. If you do need a case for your glasses or are interested in purchasing a backup pair of prescription glasses, our team at First Eye Care McKinney can easily help you find the right equipment.

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