The Ultimate Contact Lens Care Guide

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The Ultimate Contact Lens Care Guide | First Eye Care McKinney

If you are someone who wears contact lenses or are thinking about getting fitted for contacts, you must learn how to properly care for them. As you will learn during your initial contact lens exam, handling, storing, and caring for your contacts the right way is a must. Not only will it increase their longevity, but your eyes will be protected. The last thing you want to deal with is an eye infection or any discomfort, simply because you didn’t follow your care instructions.

Contacts are designed to be worn for different purposes, specific wearing times, and to correct a wide range of vision problems. Your eye care professionals here at First Eye Care McKinney will recommend a lens designed for your needs, whether that’s a lens that will need to be replaced daily, weekly, monthly, or even longer. During the contact lens exam, he or she will discuss your lifestyle, concerns, and what you hope to get out of wearing contacts. If you’ve never worn contacts before, it takes a couple tries to get the right fit. Once we find the contacts that work best for you, the rest is up to you. By taking the time to understand how to properly handle and care for your contacts, you will be setting yourself up for good vision health moving forward.

Handling Your Contact Lenses  

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance when it comes to contact lenses. When you initially learn how to put a contact into your eye, you will quickly see that making sure your hands are clean and sterilized is a must. With that in mind, let’s now take a look at some of the other tips for handling your contacts the right way:

  • Always wash your hands with mild soap, rinse thoroughly, and dry them with a towel before handling your contacts
  • Try to avoid using soaps that have harsh ingredients, as well as lotion and oily cosmetics before touching your contacts. (These substances can transfer to your contacts, causing irritation to the eye)
  • When picking up your contacts to insert them into your eye, use your fingertips. Avoid contact with the fingernails, as even the tiniest knick can cause irreparable damage.
  • Make sure your contact lens solution is fresh and clean
  • Use the lens care system recommended by your McKinney eye doctor
  • Always remove, clean, and disinfect your lenses before placing them in their case for the night
  • Never use saliva or any other lubricant to rewet your contacts
  • Follow the replacement program for your contacts, as wearing them too long can lead to problems
  • Never rinse your lenses with tap water
  • Whether you are putting them in or taking them out, start by handling one lens at a time before you move onto the other eye
  • Always clean your contact lens storage case in between wears

If you have any questions about handling, caring for, or storing your contact lenses please do not hesitate to contact First Eye Care McKinney today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and are here to make your contact lens experience a great one.

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