“What a great experience. This was the first time going to an eye doctor and I had been putting it off because I always had great vision. Well getting into your 40’s has a funny way of making great vision not so great – especially when reading.

So after asking around I heard amazing things about Dr. Kelly and fortunately I went to see him at his new office in McKinney. The experience was nothing but great. The equipment they use is state of the art and his staff were very supportive during the whole process. And they were beyond patient with me as I tried on frames and asked for their opinions. They were even nice enough to let me take home a couple frames to show to the misses before I bought them.

If you want an Optometrist that makes you feel comfortable, ensures they are using the latest technology, and provides you with some mental therapy (yes getting old sucks), then go see Dr. Kelly. If you don’t want those things, I suggest you go to another eye doctor.”