Routine vs Medical Exams

Your vision and the health of your eyes are very important. Eye disease can occur without any symptoms. The doctors and staff at First Eye Care recommend regularly scheduled eye examinations for all of our patients.

Annual wellness visits provide a prescription for eyeglasses and contact lenses (if elected) and screen for eye disease. They do not address additional medical complaints. First Eye Care contracts with certain vision plans for Routine Eye Exams which are defined as "regular check-ups".

If the primary reason for your visit today is dry eye, diabetes, flashes or floaters, cataracts, burning, itching, or red eyes etc your visit will constitute a medical eye examination and your medical insurance will be billed.

In the instance where both medical and routine care is needed on the same day, billing may be split between your medical and vision insurance providers.

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Reason for a Routine/Annual Preventative Eye Exam

Myopia Nearsightedness Presbyopia Bifocal Age
Hyperopia Farsighted Astigmatism Oval shaped Eyes

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Exam will be billed to medical insurance
Specialist copy and $40 refraction fee for eyeglass prescription

Reasons for a Medical Eye Exam (Not exclusive list)

Diabetes - Dry Eyes - Sudden Loss of Vision
Glaucoma - Flashes and Floaters - Eye Infection
Cataracts - Macular Degeneration - Painful or Red Eye

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