Quick Contact Lens Tips – How to Put Them Into Your Eye

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Quick Contact Lens Tips - How to Put Them Into Your Eye First Eye Care McKinney

Contact lenses are an amazing alternative to glasses. Whether you are concerned with aesthetics, wear, or comfort, there is a ton of advantages to wearing contacts. In the beginning, it’s entirely normal to struggle a bit with the thought of having to put a contact lens into your eye; in fact, this idea scared a lot of people who are now successful and happy contact wearers.

With the advancement of today’s contact lenses, they are perfectly safe, easy to wear, and impossible to feel. Even though the right contact lenses will be so comfortable, you will forget you have them in, if you have never worn them before, you may have some questions about trying them out.  Almost all contact lens wearers have questions at some point, and proper education about contact lens care and how to put them into your eye is important for comfort and safety. Follow this contact lens daily information to ensure you are comfortable with your new lenses.

Tips and steps when wearing your contact lenses

  1. Before putting your contact lenses in, ensure you wash your hands properly to avoid exposing your lenses and your eyes to any foreign and potentially harmful bacteria or debris.
  2. A common question that beginner contact lens wearers have is that whether or not their contact lens is the right side out and how to tell. Place the lens on your fingertip so that a cup shape is formed. Take a closer look at the lens to see if the shape is that of a “U” but the outside edges are flaring out, then the lens is inside out. You want to see a smooth U shape without any flared or sloped curvature.
  3. Start with the same eye each time to ensure you don’t end up mixing up your left and right eye lenses.
  4. Remove the first lens from the package and place them into the palm of your hand. Rinse the lens with the contact solution (never use water).
  5. Place the lens on your index finger the right way, and then use your middle finger to pull down the bottom lid of your eye. Gently place the lens onto the iris, let go, and blink until the lens settles into place. Don’t worry, this process isn’t painful and once you get used to it, it only takes seconds.

Tips and steps when removing your contact lenses

  1. Following the same step number 1 as above, first wash your hands thoroughly before attempting to remove the lenses.
  2. Gently pull down on your lower lid with a comfortable finger. Look to the side or up and then use your thumb and index of the other hand to softly pinch and grab the lens and remove it from your eye.

Tips and steps for cleaning and storing your contact lenses

There are different varieties of cleaning solutions, and you will want to go with the one that your doctor has recommended. If you are using a multipurpose solution, you can clean your lenses with it and store them with it. Remember to never use water when cleaning or storing your lenses.

To clean your lens, follow the first step of washing your hands thoroughly. Then, simply place it in your palm, drop some solution on it, then take your thumb and index finger and rub the solution around on the contact. You should also clean your lens case every night. Simply rinse it with disinfecting solution and then let it air dry or wipe it dry with a clean lint-free towel. You should replace your lens case at least every three months.

What to do next

If you are wondering whether or not contact lenses are the right option for you,  schedule a contact lens exam with one of our trusted team members here at First Eye Care. Our caring and expert staff will be happy to help coach you through the process of applying your contact lenses. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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