How to Protect Your Eyes When Playing Video Games

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How to Protect Your Eyes When Playing Video Games First Eye Care McKinney

Video games have increasingly taken their place at the top of activities children and some adults do in their leisure time. In years past, children would spend most of their free time playing outside with their friends, but now they spend the majority of their time in front of a screen, playing video games. While video games are fun and enjoyable and can have benefits, they often create unwanted dangers for our eyes.

Whether you play your games on a computer or a console hooked up to a TV, your eye health is still very much at risk. However, there are ways you can still enjoy playing video games while also being conscious of your eye health. Here are a few tips for protecting your eyes when playing video games:

Adjust Lighting

Lighting is very important when it comes to playing video games. You can’t have your screen being too dark, or you won’t be able to see what’s on the screen properly. However, you also shouldn’t have your brightness up too high either. If the light is too bright, you will find yourself squinting, straining your eyes to see what’s on the screen. The lighting in the room you are playing in is equally as important. You shouldn’t play in the dark because the contrast between the screen light and the room around you will cause your eyes to drastically adjust to the new lighting whenever you look away. Reduce the light on your screen and around your screen so that your eyes do not have to strain or adjust as much whenever you look away.

Step Away from the Screen

Probably the most obvious tip to protecting your eyes while gaming is simply stepping away from whatever screen you are playing on. This can mean either increasing the distance from your screen to your face or simply taking a break from looking at it. Positioning the screen further from your face will help reduce eyestrain and, more importantly, reduce the amount of dangerous blue light that hits your eyes.

Following the 20-20-20 rule, looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes is an effective way to relax and refresh your eyes. If that seems difficult or too frequent, try taking a break every 2 hours instead. Allow your eyes the opportunity to not focus on any one thing in particular.


Whenever you are playing a video game, your eyes tend to intensely focus on whatever screen you are playing on. This focus often doesn’t allow your eyes the opportunity to blink. Blinking is incredibly important to the health of your eyes as it prevents dryness and irritation by continuously moistening it. By not blinking, the tears coating the eyes dry up and can lead to dry eye. Try blinking 10 times very slowly every 20 minutes to allow your eyes to receive proper lubrication. If this is too frequent, try doing this every time your video game is at a load screen or during a long cut scene.

Wear Computer Glasses

If you find that the activity you spend the most time engaging in during your downtime is playing video games, then investing in proper eye-wear designed for computer use may be beneficial for you. Most competitive gaming is done on computer screens, so these eyeglasses would come in handy. They often feature lenses with a yellowish tint that are designed to block out as much blue-light emitted from your screen while also reducing the glare your eyes receive. Some may say these glasses are gimmicky, and that they don’t like the yellow look they give you, but they’re benefits are known to reduce eye strain. Contact your local McKinney eye care specialists at First Eye Care McKinney to learn more.

Video games are continuously growing more and more every year, yet even with all of their recreational benefits, they still create some risks for your overall eye health. It is important to schedule an eye exam if you are experiencing lasting vision problems after playing video games. Try implementing these vision and eye care techniques into your video game playing. If you are interested in acquiring a pair of computer eyeglasses for video games, schedule an eye exam with First Eye Care McKinney and allow us to answer any other questions you may have.

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