How Often Should You Get New Glasses

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How Often Should You Get New Glasses | First Eye Care McKinney

Many eyeglass wearers know the importance of needing to update their glasses whether that be with brand new frames or an updated prescription but getting new glasses can sometimes feel like an unnecessary expense. After all, your glasses may still be in good condition plus you can see just fine in them, so what’s the rush to get a new pair? Many of us have grown an attachment to the way our glasses look and the way we look in our glasses so even the thought of replacing them can feel tough, but there comes a time when replacements have to be made. There are many reasons to set up a glasses exam to get a new pair of specs.

Old Prescriptions

The American Optometric Association says that adults ages 19 to 40 years old tend to maintain the same vision with very minor changes that would require a prescription change, but they advise it’s best to schedule an eye exam once a year. Even though your vision may appear to be just fine while using your old prescription, your eyes may be experiencing some unnecessary strain. You should consider scheduling an appointment with your McKinney eye doctor when your visual clarity isn’t the same as before. There are some signs that your prescriptions may be out of date:

  • Headaches
  • Squinting
  • Neck Aches
  • Blurred Vision

Old prescriptions cause eye strain that forces your brain to work extra hard, causing headaches. These strains then cause muscle tension that can cause discomfort in your neck as well. Also, if your prescription is correct, you should have no need to squint. Typically, a perfect telltale sign that you need new glasses is when you feel more relaxed and more comfortable once you take your glasses OFF instead of when they are on. 

Wear & Tear

While at your visit to your eye doctor, they will be able to examine your glasses for any signs of wear and tear. If your glasses have sustained any significant damage, it may be time to update your glasses. Whether the wear and tear are on the frame or the lenses, it can naturally distort them, affecting their visual clarity and function. Your eye doctor will be able to tell if your lenses have suffered any scratches which are permanent damages that can’t be fixed. These abrasions may seem minuscule and not harmful to you, but they may cause issues for your eyes that do affect your vision or cause your eyes to strain.

Other wear and tear issues that can occur are with special coatings found on your lenses. Coatings like scratch-resistant, anti-reflective, UV protection, and blue light protection coatings can begin to deteriorate, leaving you unable to clean away any build up on your glasses. This can lead to blurred vision and affect your prescription as well. If these coatings begin to wear away, it is time to upgrade your glasses.

New Technology

While technological advancements continue to be made in electronics and in the digital industry, technologies for eye and glasses care are also seeing drastic improvements as well. Yes, your prescriptions may be perfectly fine, and your glasses may be in great shape, but it may be a wanted convenience for your vision to get a new pair of glasses. There are countless new technologies in the optometry community that help you refine your glasses to be perfectly fit for your needs. Whether it’s for your job or some active hobbies in your life, there may be specific lenses that can provide you with added benefits like progressive lenses for those in need of multiple powers in their glasses. These advancements in technology provide you with more options than before in getting glasses that match your lifestyle better than ever. Whether you spend your day in front of a computer for multiple hours or spend most of your day working in the sun, there is a new technology for you.


For some, glasses not only help them see clearly, but it is also a much-needed fashion accessory. If you have had your glasses for a few years now, there is a good chance that they have fallen out of fashion. While there are some styles that are timeless, most glasses seem to fall out of trend at one point or another. Your glasses are an important part of your look so why shouldn’t you take pride in that? Owning multiple pairs of glasses can come in handy in planning out different outfits for different occasions. Getting a new pair of glasses for special occasions while also maintaining a pair for everyday wear could spice up your look.

Glasses are a wonderful addition to the lives of those whose vision needs help. They are a small yet important part of your life. Making sure you hold your glasses care as a priority ensures that they last a long period of time. However, things do happen, and our vision does change, so it is important to be ready to get a new pair when the time calls for it. If you feel as if your prescription is old or are just in need of a new look, come by and visit your McKinney eye care professionals to get a new pair of glasses.

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