Do 3D Movies Hurt Your Eyes?

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Do 3D Movies Hurt Your Eyes? | First Eye Care McKinney

3D films have evolved tremendously since the days of paper glasses with red and blue lenses on them. The technology used in bringing these films to life has improved at an increasingly fast rate, allowing filmmakers and other media creators more opportunities for innovation. While 3D movies have not had the success they once had, they are still a popular viewing option for many movie-goers. However, many viewers have wandered the same thing for quite some time now: do 3D movies and 3D glasses hurt my eyes? Plenty of people leaving the theater express feelings of headaches, nausea, or even motion sickness, leaving them worrying for their eye health.

How 3D Movies Work

3D movies are designed to give off the effect that these scenes and images are happening in the same plane of existence as us. However, they rely heavily on optical illusions. The technology used to create these films is designed to trick your eyes. Two forms of media are displayed at the same time in front of you.

Typically, whenever you are viewing anything in the real world, your eyes work together to view the object, but when watching a 3D film, your eyes are asked to work separately. The lenses of the glasses assist your eyes and your brain to properly interpret the content. Your right eye sees one version of the film while the left sees another, and your brain puts them together to create this 3D effect. However, some individuals struggle to successfully merge these two media together to create this effect, resulting in these negative symptoms.

How 3D Movies Affect Your Eyes

As mentioned previously, your eyes are being asked to work separately as opposed to in sync. This can often lead to the muscles in your eyes feeling strained. Whenever your eyes have to work overtime, your eyes become stressed which leads to headaches, dizziness, and nausea that many people report feeling after leaving a 3D movie. Your eyes and your brain are simply being overwhelmed by all the different information it needs to process, but many people still fear their eye health is at danger.

All these effects and negative feelings from viewing a 3D movie are all temporary and will be gone in a few hours. There has been no clear evidence of true long-term vision problems due to viewing a 3D movie. However, frequent headaches whenever you are viewing 3D images whether on TV, on film, or on a computer may be indicative of a current problem with your eye health. If you do experience headaches, nausea, or dizziness when viewing these films, there are some tips that could help ease your discomfort:

  • View them less frequently
  • Take a break from viewing the screen for a couple of seconds
  • Sit farther away from the screen
  • Visual Therapy

Moderation is more often than not the best way to combat any of these side effects. 3D movies present no long-term threat to the health of your eyes and vision. You may just experience some discomfort during or after viewing the film if you are not used to the format or if your eyes have a preexisting condition.

3D movies are still extremely popular in the world of cinema. It is often hard to avoid seeing some form of 3D images in all of the media you consume daily. If you are someone who genuinely enjoys 3D movies yet constantly deal with side effects, consider visiting First Eye Care McKinney to receive an eye exam.

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