Contact Lens Fears You Shouldn’t Worry About

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Contact Lens Fears You Shouldn’t Worry About | First Eye Care McKinney

Millions of Americans have trepidations about wearing contacts. It makes sense when you consider how unnatural it feels to stick something in your eye every morning! However, contact lenses have come a long way over the years providing people both young and old with a comfortable and easy way to have clear vision. It’s estimated 30 million Americans wear contacts, but not every contact-wearer started out with an open mind. There are many different myths surrounding contact lenses that turn people off of buying them.

Whether you are afraid of sticking something foreign in your eye or are worried about what could happen once the contact is actually in your eye, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Let’s debunk some of the top myths associated with wearing contact lenses:

Myth #1: I’m Too Old to Wear Contacts – You are never too old for contacts! As we age our vision changes which could mean you require glasses or contacts for the first time at a much later stage in life than some. This is perfectly normal. Thanks to advances in technology, there are contacts out there for pretty much everyone.

Myth #2: Contact Lenses Are Uncomfortable – Nope, not true. While the idea of wearing something foreign in your eye may be off-putting, most people don’t even notice they are wearing contacts after a very short adaptation period. If you are experiencing lens discomfort, it could mean that isn’t the right lens for your needs, which is something an optometrist can help you with.

Myth #3: Contacts Can Get Lost in My Eye – Due to the way the eye is constructed, it’s impossible for your contact lens to get lost in your eye. The eye has a thin membrane – or conjunctiva – that covers the white part of the eye, connecting to your eyelids. This invisible membrane makes it so there is no room for your contact to simply disappear.

Myth #4: Contacts Are Hard to Insert – Another common misconception is that contacts are hard to get in the eye. Like anything you do for the first time, getting your contact in your eye may be a little difficult, but it’s nothing a little practice and patience can’t fix.

Myth #5: Contact Lenses Lead to Eye Problems – Quite the opposite, actually. Contact lenses do not cause eye problems, but if you do not handle them correctly or wear them improperly, they could lead to issues. This is why it is so important to make sure you have the right lens for your needs (such as dailies, if you are prone to sleeping in your contacts).

There is a lot of fear associated with wearing contacts and we want to alleviate those fears. At First Eye Care McKinney, we believe in helping out customers find the best solutions for their needs, whether this means eyeglasses or contact lenses. If you have never worn contacts before, we encourage you to come into our McKinney vision center and talk to one of our team members. We have bifocal contact lenses, as well as soft, rigid, and hybrid lenses designed to correct many different common vision problems.

To learn more about contact lenses or to schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam, please contact First Eye Care McKinney today.

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